X-BIONIC®, the innovation leader in functional clothing for sports, headquartered in Wollerau near Zurich, is now cooperating with the Austrian extreme pilot Hannes Arch. "Whenever I'm pushing the envelope, whether it's in motor sports or in nature, my clothing has to work too. That's why I'm only satisfied with the best," enthuses Red Bull Air Race world champion Hannes Arch about the new partnership.


It has a fine finish and offers maximum warmth, can be used as a jacket but is also ideal for wearing under a wind and water-repellent outer. That makes the Racoon jacket perfect for all-year use. And it is based on a very simple principle: light – lighter – lightest. Dense structures. Maximum warmth. Minimum weight. Tailored to fit snugly against your body for additional warmth. The 3D Bionic Sphere® elements on the chest and back are breathable - and also look fantastic.

The Trick® is a new brilliant way to regulate the temperature of your body. Special structures on the spine trick the heat receptors and start to cool the body through perspiration much earlier. The result: better performance.

A long descent, slowly you get a tingling sensation in your fingers, your arms are heavy and tired. Not so with Effektor Bike Gloves. Optimal thermoregulation with integrated 3D BionicSphere® System, improved circulation with Partialkompression® (partial compression), strain relieving with the anatomically shaped cushions, plus optimal odour management with Skin NODOR®. All these advantages guarantee the highest performance on road and trail.

THE TRICK® is a new brilliant way to regulate the temperature of your body. Special structures on the spine trick the heat receptors and start to cool the body through perspiration much earlier. The result: enhanced performance.


Show your colours! Turn your weekend battle on the high Alpine passes to a Battle of the Nations – with the limited-edition X-BIONIC® Patriot Edition. The new country collection of the X-BIONIC® Race Shirt cleverly combines national designs with the well-known modern engineering of Swiss developers, then packages them so the rider has a decisive advantage in energy.


X-BIONIC® “Protect your Ass”: Extreme abrasion and heat resistance and at the same time unrestricted freedom of movement and thermoregulation. Just one momentary lapse in attention is enough for a crash to be unavoidable. Results are usually deep abrasions and cuts as well as burns from the melted synthetic fabrics. Thousands of cycling accidents occur every year. If an athletic bike racer is involved, the injuries tend to be much worse. Even the attentive cyclist can be surprised. Crashes often happen as a result of outside influences.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013 as well. For the 5th time in a row, the Swiss high-tech company X-BIONIC® has been honoured with the most coveted of all Plus X awards – namely that of "Most Innovative Brand". The Plus X Award is the world's most prestigious innovation prize for technology, sports, and lifestyle, with the winners being selected by a top-class jury of experts from 25 different sectors.

4.662 innovative Produkte von 1.865 einfallsreichen Unternehmen kämpften 2013 um den begehrtesten „Roten Punkt“ der Welt. Die unabhängige Jury, zusammengesetzt aus internationalen Design-Experten, bewertet jedes einzelne Produkt nach strengsten Kriterien: Innovationgrad, Funktionalität, formale Qualität, Ergonomie, symbolischen
und emotionalen Gehalt und Selbsterklärungsaspekt.

In der Ausgabe 03/13 der Zeitschrift MOUNTAIN BIKE wird am Beispiel des Energy Accumulator EVO von X-BIONIC erklärt, wie Bike-Unterwäsche im Winter funktionieren muss. Denn nur unsere evolutionäre Funktionswäsche vereint alle Eigenschaften die den unterschiedlichen, komplexen Eigenschaften bei Kälte gerecht werden. Durch perfekt platzierte innovative Technologien, wie dem 3D-BionicSphere System, ISO-Shoulder Pads, AirConditioning Channels etc.


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